Wedding Planner Extraordinaire / Wedding Architects

Congratulations! On making the decision to say I do. A day which both of you, your family members and those closest to you near and dear would like to cherish, remember for the rest of their lives.

This is your special day that you as a Bride have been dreaming about since you were a little girl……the little princess who has now grown up to be the beautiful princess that you are and found your prince charming…….Now you want to make all your dreams a reality……

This is where Sanjeev Ganeshan the shaman of romance, Uber Architect of creativity and passion for conceptualizing and creating mind blowing and mesmerizing theme weddings, Wedding Planner extraordinaire will together with his friendly, personable, passionate and professional team bring together all your dreams to reality with their golden touch of commitment and flawless implementation.

Why hire a Wedding Planner and us

  • Because Blueprint A2Z is your Uber Wedding Planners
  • Together with equally experienced and qualified resource teams
  • Peace of Mind
  • Personalised and customized service
  • Creative and resourceful
  • Will do everything from A 2 Z for you
  • Will ensure that the planning and implementation is flawless
  • Make your dreams a reality without having you to bust your bank account totally – Competitive professional fee with service standards par excellence
  • We ensure that the entire process and experience is fun filled and enjoyable to you both and your family members, friends and relatives will all not having to worry about anything because we ensure we take care of them for you…..We don’t leave any stone unturned and logistically cover everything and anything from A 2 Z

We are your Uber and chic Wedding Planners and we will provide you the following customized and personalized services for an unforgettable and memorable experience

  • Theme Weddings
  • Destination Weddings
  • Vow Renewals
  • Cupid Strikes Holidays – Propose your love in the most romantic and unique way in Paradise Island
  • Bachelorette Parties / Hen Nights
  • Anniversaries
  • Romantic Holidays / Romantic getaways
  • Erotic Holidays and Wild Rendezvous

Theme Weddings

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We as your Wedding Planners and Wedding architects will after listening and speaking with you both, bring to life your Wedding dream and make it the most memorable day of your life. We will do this and more. We specialize in Theme Weddings in keeping with your respective faith and traditions or your beliefs and life style. It’s all about what you want and have dreamt of and we make it happen better than ever. Our Theme Weddings include but not limited to Bohemian Theme Weddings (We specialize in Bohemian Theme Weddings ranging from Intimate Woodsy Bohemian Theme Weddings to Beachy Bohemian Wedding, Christian Weddings, Buddhist Weddings, Hindu Weddings, Grand Indian Weddings – Both South Indian and North Indian Weddings, Asian Weddings, Muslim Weddings, Beach theme, Underwater Sea Theme, Winter Wonderland, Fairy Wonderland, Rome Theme, Traditional Ancient Sigiriya Theme are just a few of the themes which we bring to life true to the theme and form. Our professional team will ensure the themes we create are true to life, mind blowing with the WOW factor, chic, classy and done with panache. Because no matter what we do, we do it in style and keeping to the classiness that we uphold in all we do.

Destination Weddings

If you want to say “I do” in the most magical, breath taking, memorable surroundings and ambience amidst your closest friends and family and loved ones then having experiencing your destination wedding in my beautiful Paradise Island Sri Lanka should be your preferred choice of destination with Blueprint A2Z as your Wedding Planner / Wedding Architects.

Whether you dream of your wedding being on an unspoilt, sand kissed white sandy beaches with the sunset as the backdrop and clear blue waves, Or on the beautiful Hill country on top of the beautiful mountain plains with the green tea plantations or breath taking water falls as the backdrop, Midst of the beautiful Jungles under the starry sky’s with fire torches, White Wedding by a beautiful lagoon or an Eco Wedding in natural settings or an initimate wedding where you get married on a private yatch in the ocean during sunset and then after party on the yatch.

There is only one Wedding Planner who has got the class and finesse that can orchestrate with passion destination weddings of the above mentioned nature in Paradise Island Sri Lanka with the implementation being flawless and executed with panache. Yes the Shamen of romance, chic, and a flair for conceptualizing the most amazing destination weddings and bringing them to life…..yes none other than Sanjeev Ganeshan AKA Sanj. He together with his friendly and passionate team will ensure that they will do everything from A 2 Z in regards to your special destination wedding in consultation with you…..will be your extended family in Paradise Island Sri Lanka and do the needful and will make your visit to Sri Lanka for your Special day not just for your Wedding but a pleasant and relaxed Holiday. We will pamper you silly and ensure that the both of you enjoy the total experience and the company of each other before during and after the wedding.

Vow Renewals

Saying “I do” all over again is the perfect way to affirm your love for each other and rekindle the romance for which your destination of choice and Wedding Planner is key to create that perfect setting, ambience and moment to make it even more special the 2nd time around when you say “I do” all over again. It’s got to be magical, intimate and breathe taking with romance and love in the air.

If you want a surprise element for either one of you or for both then we certainly can weave up this magical experience for you.

We make it more than just a vow renewal destination visit, we make it an unforgettable romantic Holiday which will have you both like the love birds you were when you both first said “I do”.

Cupid Strikes Destination Holidays

Love is in the air with “Cupid Strikes destination Holidays”. Having listened to what you both love to do together and your interests and life style, we will set the stage that even cupid would be envy of for the both of you. From adrenaline rush activities, breath taking views where time stands still and both of you share each other’s company, candlelight dinners in the most exotic surroundings imaginable, couple massages unlike any experienced in any part of the world, Chilling on a private coral Island are just a few of what one could expect on these Cupid Strikes destination Holidays.

And with love in the air it will lead to proposing in the most creative manner. You can propose from the skies way above to other creative ideas which we can propose to you or bring to life your ideas of how you were planning on proposing. Whichever way it is we will ensure that when you propose with us involved your loved one will say “I do”.

We are the only Wedding Planners in Sri Lanka Paradise Island who cater to Bachelorette parties from mild to wild. Whether it be a kickass one night only Bachelorette party in a private location, Or a Bachelorette wild road trip with exotic locations in Paradise Island which are pristine and not known to the usual traveller, Bon fires, champagne, fun games both indoors and outdoors with Good looking English speaking guide and chauffeur who will be at your beck and call………What happens in Paradise Island Sri Lanka stays in Paradise Island. Our Male Strippers are awesome dancers, Chic, English speaking and masters at serenading and romance. We specialize in theme Bachelorette parties, role play and other fun filled activities that is only limited to your imaginations.

Our services are not only for destination Bachelorette Parties but also for the lovely girls and ladies in Sri Lanka Paradise Island who want to have an awesome experience.


Anniversaries whether it be your 1st or 25th or 50th………It’s a day for celebrating the day you bonded together and have reached the respective milestones through it all…….what better way to do this than to take your loved one on a romantic getaway to one of the most beautiful paradise islands in the world, Sri Lanka and let us Blueprint A2Z, find that special location and create the right ambience for your entire experience in Paradise Island Sri Lanka to be that special Anniversary which you will both remember for the rest of your lives. And since Sri Lanka is has many destination venues within our island itself we are sure with the experience we provide you will return for more beautiful memories.

Romantic Holidays and Romantic Getaways

Whether it be an intimate Honeymoon, a romantic action packed adventure, holding hands and walks on the sandy beaches of Paradise Island Sri Lanka under the starry sky’s, gazing into each other’s eyes on the beautiful mountains, Enjoying each other’s company in the skies by Helicopter or being on a sexy catamaran sailing into the blue seas with champagne and odeves served by the on-board chef.

Erotic Holidays and Wild Rendezvous

We set your passion on fire with exotic locations and sensual ambience to set the mood for you and your loved one to let your inhibitions down and your sensuality to take over

Whether it be in the rainforest jungles, cool hills of Nuweraylia or the white sand kissed beaches in Galle (Private secluded beaches) or on the private islands which we will take you if you decide to get wild in style with an entire day private cruise on the sexy white catamaran or the yatch with cabins for the love birds. (Coming soon 2016). The Erotic holidays will include couple massages, champagne, best of wines, local fruit platters with whipped cream…….and more…….

We set the stage for you to live life on the wild side in style………Live it up

With all our preferred partners – When you go with Blueprint A2Z you will be entitled to the preferred partner perks and benefits
Our preferred partners – Beauticians / Makeup Artists

“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful of them all” You of course as the Bride

Our Beauticians are professionals and we have handpicked them based on their expertise, passion for what they do, years of experience in their respective field, qualification and most importantly the fact that they work with us as one cohesive unit with one objective of ensuring you as the bride is transformed into a princess for your prince charming.

When you entrust your work with Blueprint A2Z both our preferred beauticians will personally do your hair, makeup and dressing with their team. Irrespective of if the wedding will be held in Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka in a star class hotel or in any of the exotic locations where the wedding will be held either one of our professional beauticians will be with us to ensure you look amazingly gorgeous and beautiful as the bride on your special day. And we don’t forget the groom either. We will ensure he is groomed as well for his princess.

Our preferred Partners in bringing you both to your dream destination or venue – Mode of transport

Helicopter, Sea Plane, 6 passengers Plane, catamaran, Elephant, horse driven carriage, vintage cars, vintage motorcycle, Limos, luxury cars, SUVs and more are some of the creative modes of transport we provide for you to arrive in style.

Wedding Inquiry Form

Name of the couple & their respective contact details
Name of the parents & their respective contact details
How many functions are you having? Only Wedding and Going away or both and Homecoming
Who is actually going to be the \"Money Bank\" of the Event or Events?
The Magical special date & Year
Time of the events
Venue of preference: state your top 3, from the most interested to the less interested
Type of Function
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Number of guests expected for function / functions
Approximate budget per function
How have you dreamt your wedding and reception should be?
If it’s an Indian Wedding then the total Event of either three days or five days of fun frolic tradition all blending to make your special day the most memorable day of your life
Would you like to have a Bachelors Party or Hen Party or both for each of you and your closest friends?
If so how mild or wild would you like it to be...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is our policy so pour your heart out?
The type of Photography
The type of Floral Décor
The Type of cake Décor (We can even recreate Royal Wedding Cake Structures if required)
Do you want to lose the pimples on your face the natural way then contact us (Both for Females and Males Alike?)
Want to lose weight then we take care of that too
If Destination wedding when will you both me returning back to Sri Lankan shores.i.e how many days before marriage.
Want to learn the opening dance and more & not have to step on each other’s feet & toes & Dress....
Do you want us to arrange for the accommodation for your guests who will be arriving in Sri Lanka
If so for how many
Please add any other information which you feel is of importance to make your dreams to become a reality
Do you require a band or DJ for the function? If it’s a Hindu wedding do you require the drummers and team