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“We make your dream holidays a memorable experience of a lifetime”

“I together with my team take great pleasure and honour in welcoming you to our Paradise Island and the pearl of the Indian Ocean, mother Sri Lanka formerly referred to as Ceylon.

An Island with endless white sand kissed beaches, Romantic Getaways and breath taking scenic locations that will have you falling in love or falling in love all over again in its splendour and each other, timeless ruins where one can take historical walks and delve in our rich cultural attractions that have meaning and interesting stories behind them, if you are on the Wild side and love to mingle with the Elephants, spot the Leopards and bears and more we will take you on our bespoke Safari Tours to explore our Wild Life, Surfs Up ! Sri Lanka is a surfers Paradise……it is said that we have the 3rd best Beach in the world for Surfing Arugam Bay to the many other beaches, Islands which we will take you to which are untouched by tourism, so it’s the perfect alternative to well – trodden routes like those in other nearby Asian destination, such as Thailand, Indonesia or Bali.

If, you are an adrenaline rush junkie, we will give you your fair share of adventure; from White-water rafting, Kite surfing, Canyon Sliding, Abseiling, Speedboat experience, taking a boat trip in the mangroves, or go explore Sri Lanka’s Hill Country where amongst the mists one can see the emerald carpets of tea plantations which one can view whilst sipping one of the world’s best tea, or even take a bath in the chilling waters from the waterfalls or be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of mother nature’s creations, where one can wear jumper during the day time and cuddle up beside a log fire in the evening, or enjoy a bon fire and have a sing along with friends and more. Want to Party in Paradise then we will show you how. Whether it’s by the Beach, On a Private Yatch, In the jungle we will show how it’s done in style…..For those who want a luxury Tour of our Paradise Island and be pampered and enjoy the high life there is no one better than us who can show you our Paradise Island…..From picking you up from the airport either in a limo or flying in a Helicopter to chilling on a private yatch whale and dolphin watching sipping a glass of the best of wines and a butler at your beck and call…. getting a private massage on board……Being taken to a private island and enjoying the sunset……Come enjoy our Paradise Island and fall in love all over again or go wild, Or just chill and relax and rejuvenate and enjoy all what we have to offer…….

We know your mind set;hear your heartbeat and listen to your interests and understand your lifestyle…..then we as your Bespoke Boutique Travel Partner will make your travel dreams come true”
Since we are not your conventional travel partner and not restricted you will have advantage to what we have in our bag of “Amazingly Different” and Enjoyable “Lifestyle Travel experiences” to ensure we make your travel dreams come true.

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Welcome to my land let your life time of experience, let the fun begin….

– Sanjeev Ganeshan
Chairman / MD of Blueprint A2Z…..Your Bespoke Boutique Travel Partner

VVIP Luxury Experiences

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Having understood your needs to the dot you will be pampered silly from the time set foot on the most beautiful land Sri Lanka, you’re Paradise Island. Whether you want to be flown out from the airport by the private Helicopter or driven in a Limo to your destination to relax and rejuvenate we will customize and personalize as per your request. We will have your personalized butler for you along with your personalized travel concierge. Furthermore I will also ensure that your entire trip is personally overseen by me along with my team. Whether it’s wine tasting, tea tasting experiences to obtaining of the best Gem stones in Sri Lanka we have the networking and resources with our preferred partners to ensure you are being provided with the finest service experience and products during your stay in our motherland Paradise Island. If its sailing you fancy, or spending time on a yatch in the Indian Ocean with the finest wines and food being provided to you by the Chef on Board and enjoying water sports and Ocean Life from dolphin and whale watching, snorkelling, Diving, Water Skiing or partying on-board with your friends, Enjoying the starry skies and sunset. You want to experience the Hill Country of Sri Lanka we will have you treated like royalty. Or you want to destress and want to discover, understand and embrace the culture, traditions and religions of Sri Lankan we will take you on a journey that you will enjoy beyond your dreams. Living in Eco friendly tree houses, to riding on a bullock card and fishing with the local fisherman and cooking and eating your catch of the day to more.

Romantic Adventures -Land, Ocean and Air – We provide you the perfect cupid mix

Romantic Adventure – Sea

We will provide you a Romantic Adventure with a private cabin or you can even hire the entire yatch, set sail on the beautiful Indian Ocean take a dip or be taken to the private Island where you can explore the island, After dark enjoy the starry skies from the deck in each other’s company sipping wine / champagne of your choice and being served your meals prepared by the on-board chef, watching the beautiful and magnificent creations of the ocean Dolphins and the Blue Whale (You have to be lucky as well) which will certainly be a memorable moment in your life so much more……..Let is sail you into the sunset of romance. Who knows you may want to propose on board or even have an on-board wedding or renew your vows……Yes we add our Midas touch to ensure your romantic dreams holidays are made true.

Romantic Adventures – Land

We know of various untouched and untrodden by tourism most pristine, picturesque and romantic scenic destinations in our Paradise Island. So when you entrust your entire romantic rendezvous getaways with us we will make it THE most memorable, exciting, magical and wild to mild experience which you will have making it one which you will both cherish for your entire life together. We light the fire within your hearts and fill the air with love and romance. We are the shaman of love in Paradise Island Sri Lanka and we conceptualize and implement the desired experience with panache in a flawless manner ensuring everything is prefect. How we do it is based on your requirements, dreams and desires and once we listen as your bespoke boutique travel partner we will let you know.

Romantic Adventure – Air

We certainly do not want you to get carried away with your romance and fall off the helicopter or Sea Place and as such the Romantic Adventure on Air will be coupled with Romantic Adventure by Land. We together with our strategic partners for the Romantic Air adventures will do a bespoke travel by air viewing experience with stop over once again in with exotic backdrops which will set the stage for “Love is in the Air”. For further details contact us. The best decision you have made to ignite your passion and Romance.

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings require that you hire professionals whom you can trust to do everything from A 2 Z, and be your act on your behalf in good faith and be on the same wavelength in order for your wedding dreams to become a reality and your Destination Wedding experience and the wedding experience holiday to be a perfect and memorable one for the right reasons not just for you both as a couple but your families and friends alike. I as your Wedding Planner Extraordinaire and Wedding Architects together with my team will ensure we make your Dream Wedding Holiday a come true and an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Pre-Shoot

Sri Lanka is a “made in Heaven” destination for wedding pre-shoots due to its Scenic locations, Unspoilt, Untrodden pristine beaches, the exotic backdrops that will have you mesmerized, Historical Sites and Ancient ruins, Picturesque Waterfalls and wild Jungles makes Sri Lanka our Paradise Island the only Country in Asia where you can within a span of 2 weeks have an “Amazingly different” Wedding Pre-Shoot that will have you in the Hill Country amongst the lush green tea plantations to the pristine beaches, next may be on a private yatch sailing into sunset, dressed in our traditional attire in a typical Sri Lankan Village, Or riding on top of an Elephant………We at Blueprint A2Z will ensure you not just have a Wedding Pre-Shoot but a Pre Wedding Honeymoon / A fun filled Holiday experience of a lifetime.

Wild Adventures

If you are an adrenaline junkie then Surfs Up! Whether it be riding the waves in surfers paradise, white water rafting, Hiking and cycling, to Wild Safaris to many more other surprises we will offer you on your Wild Adventures which will make your wild adventure even more wild and adventurous and leaving you not wanting to leave our Paradise Island or wanting to come back for more all over again and more. That’s the experience we provide and our promise to you.

Eco Tours

Eco tourism and eco-friendly destinations have become catch phrases in the tourism industry, some not even to its true form or meaning. We at Blueprint A2Z Holidays understand that when you choose an Eco – Holiday and experience to Sri Lanka, Paradise Island you want to absorb, cherish and preserve the environment, culture and heritage and enjoy what if offers being amongst the local communities, enjoy their simple basic life style witnessing how the fact you chose Eco Holiday experience not only will provide you an experience of a life time but you giving back to the local communities and the experience which you will have will be timeless as we together with your Preferred Hospitality partners who have embraced and practice eco-tourism will make the eco tour done to Sri Lanka a memorable one. Your Eco tours with us will include but not limited living in a tree House in a true Sri Lankan village concept, visiting the Wild jungles amongst the beautiful creatures of the Jungle to Dolphin Watching and whale watching in a private sail boat all of which is practises amongst those key custodians who have embraced Eco tourism and is their commitment and passion shown towards our planet and beautiful Paradise Island and its natural resources and play an active and critical role in conserving valuable biodiversity. We will let you experience this like no other promising to provide an enriching experience in Eco tourism together with our preferred hospitality partners whom we have handpicked to partner with for Eco Tours separately.

We also cater for other bespoke holidays such as……

Party in Paradise, Girls gone wild road trip in Sri Lanka Experience Tour packages or Bachelorette tour packages, Reunion Tour in Paradise Island Sri Lanka and more…..please contact and we will be more than glad to do a bespoke Tour Package after hearing your Wish / Bucket List which will make this Dream Holiday its real and an enjoyable, unforgettable experience of a life time. We as your Bespoke Travel Boutique Partner have chosen all our Hospitality partners taking into consideration the different target groups we will be servicing and for their highest quality standards being maintained together with their service levels. When you choose us as your Bespoke Boutique travel partner you will enjoy special Partner Perks and there will be other special surprises which you will enjoy and experience, which will make your holiday that much more special.

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